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I am looking for guest posts on the following subjects:

What’s in your bag – these are always popular but the contents of my bag don’t change all that much from day to day. I can definitely do posts on days I am very busy and need to carry lots of different things, but would love to be able to offer this feature on a more regular basis. So if you enjoy reading these types of posts, consider taking a photo of your bag next to its contents with a description of what is in it and emailing it to me at the address I will give below. Everyone (especially me) would love to see it!

Spiraldex/Chronodex and bullet journalling – I would love to feature more about this but my usage of these systems remains at a very elementary level. I have written about them briefly and also posted some videos but if you read my blog and use these systems would really love it if you would consider writing a post about it.

Collections – I am a collector at heart (no surprise there for any of my readers) so would absolutely love to be able to feature collections belonging to my readers. Collections of anything would be super but if you need an idea maybe organizers (different colours same model, different model same color etc), handbags, notebooks, Midoris – anything really.

If you are interested you can email me suggestions and/or photos with descriptions and the name with which you would like to be credited. You can include a link to your social media or websites. If you are considering blogging and are not sure where to start, this would be an ideal way to get your feet wet so to speak!

Thank you!


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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