For Paul – Oakley Why3s in action

I found this photo opportunity hysterically funny. Not sure why now but here are the Why 3s in action. You can see that they are quite small and don’t give the most brilliant coverage against very sunny conditions. This photo was taken in the Kruger National Park game reserve in South Africa so the sun was really bright and I was straining my eyes looking for wildlife. But the outward flare at the corners really gave them an edge 🙂


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

3 thoughts

  1. Thanks – 🙂 They really are narrow aren’t they! I had a look at the Vasuma website too… I feel an expensiveness coming on at some point…

    For ultimate sun coverage btw I can recommend the (sadly discontinued) Oakley Nanowire-3s. Basically a wraparound one-piece rimless lens with very thin titanium memory metal arms. Not the most practical (you have to put them straight back in the case as soon as you take them off or risk scratching them) but superb sunglasses. 🙂 I have two pairs…

    Not quite sure what to make of the photo op, though!

  2. I’m new to glasses. I never wore any, dark or otherwise. Recently I was found to require a small correction in my left eye so now have glasses. This has opened a whole new world. I will need to try to find some good ones, and will need to look into sunglasses.

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