Three more Akiko Binders on Etsy

Here come three more binders from Akiko on Etsy. I am not sure which one I like the most – the pink snakeskin or the black rose one. The lace leather lining inside the pink snake one is absolutely gorgeous.

The binders are described thus: The binder is totally my hand made, hand cut, hand stitched. No machine is used at all. It’s more complicated than it looks as the binder actually consists of 22 pieces of leather and lining parts plus ring parts. All edges are filed, trimmed and coated smoothly.

I love Akiko’s binders and her excellent reviews are testament to both her workmanship and the service she provides.

First up is the pink snakeskin and grey lace one, which you can find here






Next up is the stunning black rose one. This binder is absolutely beautiful!

Akiko describes it as: The leather is oiled cowhide and so it’s soft and nice touch!
It is a bit strange texture as you see in the photos. It’s embossed with elegant rose pattern, and the surface has two type of texture…it’s hard to describe…the one is smooth and glossy with cracks, and the other is very mat. The difference of two textures make this leather look as if it’s carved.

The inside leather is also cowhide. Although it looks plain black, but actually it has glimmer with super micro glitters…I love this soft sparkle.






The last one is a stunning lacey grey leather which you can find here. The lining of this one is an absolutely beautiful colour.





I am so glad that Akiko has had so many binders up lately because I love her work. I am not affiliated with her shop in any way. I just love ring-bound organisers and love finding unique and beautiful ones.

Author: Janet Carr

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