Post No. 5 for The Spiritual Project

Heather is back today with her final post for The Spiritual Project!

Two days after my last blog post my world was flipped upside down with some devastating news.  The news is not important.  The result is that I am in the midst of a divorce.  It has been an extremely rough 3 months.  So many things have happened and it has been one crazy horrifying roller coaster ride.  I am slowly starting to get back on track.  Life honestly seems to change from day to day.  I am tired.  And with all that has happened, I have neglected my Filofax commitment.  For that I am sorry. I dropped out of my RCIA class.  As did my daughter, Gabi.  It was just too much.  After dropping out, I came to the realization that the Catholic faith is not where I belong.  I disagree with too much that the church is.  Right after I received the news that I did 3 months ago, a friend began talking God to me  LOL.  He is a Christian.  I believe he attends a Southern Baptist church.  Not that that matters.  He helped me through a very rough time.  He encouraged me to buy a Life Application Bible and suggested some bible verses for me to refer to in my time of desperation.  He was such a huge support to me and without him I don’t know that I would have gotten through the first few weeks.  He prayed with me and for me.  And talked me down off the “ledge” quite a number of times.

I “forgot” about my Filofax Chino during this time.  I should have been spiritually journaling during this time.  It probably would have helped.  I wish I had.  I have jotted a few things down here and there, but definitely did not fully use it as I had intended.  Now that life is slowly getting back on track, I am planning on revamping the Filofax Chino and making it more of a spiritual tool.  

Here are a few shots of the things I have jotted down…

1 2 3 5

I’m going to redo the spiritual journal in the next month or so.  Make new dividers and new categories that apply to what I hope my spiritual life will be.  Here is some of the paper I think I will use to do new dividers.


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