HOTD #1 – TSM Balloon XL

balloon_xl3TSM is an abbreviation for The Swedish Model. Sweden is very famous for another Swedish model – the welfare state. So I really wanted one of these. It is my favourite bag that I never use! Here is their website if you like them – the quality is absolutely astounding! They have a medium version of this bag on their sale at the moment for €65 and they ship pretty much everywhere I think.

Here is the medium that is on sale – a large pic so you can see detail.



Gorgeous full-leather pleated bag with plaited straps that go over the shoulder. It is lined in thick floral canvas and has internal zippers and pockets. The pleats expand to fit enormous amounts. The amount of leather used in this bag is quite something and it is so soft and smooth.


One of the best leathers on any bag I own. Soft, quality and hard wearing. The plaited straps are really thick and solid so no danger of breakage. A beautiful bag. Just feeling and looking at it is pleasurable.


I never thought I would say this but it is too big. I am quite tall at 5ft 7½in  but this bag dwarfs me. It goes from under my armpit to my knees (I kid you not). Everything then falls to the bottom and my arm is not long enough to dig it out. No discreet rummaging on the train then….I don’t use this bag but I never regret having it because it is a thing of absolute and utter beauty.

Here is a photo I took of the little beaded bag jewelry/keyrings I make in my spare time. These are on my TSM Balloon and you can see even from this pic the gorgeous gorgeous leather


I have a black one but I have included some photos of a gorgeous natural leather one:

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