Bullet Journalling

Bullet Journalling is something that always seems like a very good idea to me. I love going to this site and reading through all the steps. When I finish reading it I am always inspired and convinced that this system will change my life.

I have never actually tried it because my life and my job does not work this way. And neither do I, I suppose. The main obstacle is that I need a dated calendar for months in advance and I do not have the energy to write it all out by hand. I guess I could find a page a day diary so that I don’t have to. The other obstacle is that when I do it it looks so untidy and chaotic. I can’t write on squared paper and I have to write on the fly so it is never considered and neat.

But….perhaps now is the time to try? Perhaps if I put a lot of effort into doing it this way for a few weeks, it will become second nature?

Either way, it is definitely worth a read. If you do not adopt the whole system, it could be a good way to create basic lists and think about organisation.

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