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Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. It’s the thing I notice most when I am in London, everyone is carrying an iPhone and constantly looking at it or talking in to it. Here in rural France, people hardly have iPhones, old candy bar phones mainly. I have an iPhone but I’m not married to it!

  2. This video hits the nail on the head…thanks Janet… and shows why I don’t have one of those things.. don’t want the addiction to even start. Bad enough having a PC on my desk let alone having it follow me around in my pocket. I see my children doing this and experience how hard it is to have an uninterrupted focused conversation or any conversation at all. No thanks, I want a life. PS. The newest word in the English language – selfie…!

  3. That’s terrifying… but I recognise the symptoms all too well. In myself, and my partner too. We sprawl in bed in the evenings – my partner reading the paper on a smartphone, me reading something else on a smartphone. But having said that, in the old days we’d still have been reading, just from real dead-tree books. I’m glad to say I’ve never done the ‘videoing stuff or taking photos to go on social media’ thing though – that really would be a step too far.

  4. Hi Janet,
    Yes, it certainly did get me to think — about how happy I am that I can still use a “dumb phone” for making and receiving calls, and that also has a calculator. That’s all I need. I haven’t lost my ability to talk directly to people, or to simply sit and watch a sunrise with nothing more than a cup of tea in my hand and a sense of awe engulfing me.
    Thank you for reminding me.
    Jo. . .

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