What Gillio and Filofax could learn from each other

A5 Siena Filofax on left, A5 Mia Cara Gillio on right
A5 Siena Filofax on left, A5 Mia Cara Gillio on right. Toes, all mine!

Gillio and Filofax are two different brands. They are not threats to each other. Filofax is a huge mass-producing brand known worldwide and has a long history. The brand name is used as a generic now – people refer to their Filofaxes even when they are not actually Filofaxes. Gillio is a niche brand, a cult brand, known only to a few. It is a family-run company with long production times and small runs.

But there are things that each one can learn from each other:

What Filofax could learn from Gillio

  • gappy and misaligned rings DO matter
  • gold rings are beloved by many
  • replaceable rings make a huge difference
  • people ARE prepared to pay high prices for quality binders

What Gillio could learn from Filofax

  • Discount codes are brilliant and despite losing out on the value of the discount, business and profit will go up anyway due to  increased turnover
  • Decent postage prices make a huge difference
  • Brilliant inserts and accessories (as Gillio’s are) sell well if postage is cheap.
  • Several colour options are always good

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

9 thoughts

  1. Someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Gillio has done a better job of reaching out to fans through social media and their website. Iirc, they link to some blog reviews on their main page, which is a really nice way to connect to their buyers and fans.

    Filofax has certainly improved on this recently, but I think Gillio really saw the reach that bloggers and fans can have and didn’t shy from supporting them!

  2. GILLIO do have discount codes! I surprisingly received mine for future purchases. It’s only 3% but it’s better than nothing. I also get bigger discounts (up to 25%) when l buy Gillios in shops in Paris.

  3. Several colors, in the case of a low volume high margin product, mean “make to order”. It makes sense when the client is willing to wait for the time required to manufacture his order. That is definitely worth trying.

  4. Hmmmm… I would only add that Gillio could learn that many color options are a good thing. Some of us aren’t pleased with black and varying shades of brown (says a Mia Cara fan).

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