The Elusive Filofax Charleston

Charlestons in several sizes and colours on the middle shelf. Not showed is the A4 folio

The Filofax Charleston has been a very elusive binder. It was announced with great fanfare, only to have the release date postponed several times. At time of writing Filofax UK has none in stock and no release date available. Despite this, they have been available at NK in Stockholm for several weeks. I have shipped three of them abroad to people who are desperate to get hold of one. Ironically, NK Stockholm orders their binders from Filofax UK. When they called to re-order however, they were told there were none.

Could it be production issues, leaving Filofax unable to produce them on a large scale? Could it be quality control? Or the fact that the binder looks a lot like a Hermés agenda?

I was not too keen on them until I looked closer and saw the lovely leather. It really is nice leather – not bonded leather, not imprinted or embossed leather. Looks to be vegetable dyed individual skins. A really nice binder. About half of the ones on the shelf had dicky rings but that is not unusual with Filofax nowadays.

Red A5 with a smoother grain
Brown coarse grain A5. This one is absolutely stunning.
Purple medium grain A5


Hermés Togo Ulysse MM Notebook Cover w Notepad Orange
Hermés Togo Ulysse MM Notebook Cover w Notepad Orange



Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I’ve managed to get hold of a red A5 and a purple pocket size and it was the best decision ever, I have never seen a more gorgeous design in an organiser

  2. I thought I read somewhere that the red was a vibrant true red. In your photo, it looks like a brownish red, like the Malden. Can you describe it for me? Thanks for this post, I have been waiting for the Charleston to make it’s appearance here in the US.

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