Post No. 2 for The Spiritual Project

Heather is back today with the second post for The Spiritual Project. You can read part one HERE.

I have finally worked on my Filofax for my Spiritual Project.   I made my own daily calendar, though I am not crazy about it and will probably change it this weekend.   Here are some pictures of the inside of my Filofax.

Here is the first page, which is a see through pocket that holds prayer cards…

Next is basically my Table of Contents.  I have sorted my calendar according to the RCIA schedule.  So tabs 1 through 4 are the 4 separate time periods of the RCIA program…

Next is a shot of the daily calendar.  This shot shows both my daughter’s Youth RCIA class and my RCIA class, the sections of the Bible we are reading that day, any assigned RCIA reading, and shows what Mass I have dismissal.

I added a few of the frequently used prayers.  I haven’t yet memorized all of the ones I am supposed to.  My daughter has memorized almost all of them.  My old brain doesn’t work as well as it used to.  LOL!!

I have been using my Filofax quite a bit and it seems to be holding up quite well.  Here is a shot of the front of my Filofax.  She still looks great!  

Here is a shot of everything I take to RCIA class each week, minus snacks and drinks if it is my turn 🙂

We are given a binder at our first RCIA class.  In it is all of the handouts we receive, RCIA schedule, emails I receive that have to do with RCIA, and the RCIA Guidebook.  Then there are the two books that are assigned reading for the class, my Catholic Bible I Received a the Rite of Welcoming/Rite of Acceptance Ceremony last year (this is my 2nd time doing RCIA), my black Moleskine notebook for all my RCIA note taking, and of course my beautiful Filofax to keep track of all things RCIA and Parish related.

Here is my Dakine bag that holds all of the above, plus a few more things.  My Filo is sticking out of the pocket she lives in when not in use.

So far I am very organized for RCIA.  I have not forgotten anything so far thanks to my Filofax.  She is in my church bag, so I don’t forget her.  I just grab my bag and go.
I will probably update with more pictures if I decide to change the calendar.  I am also thinking about adding a section for Prayer Requests.  

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