My Filofaxes with Gold Hardware

I grew up on the coast of Africa – I was lucky to have spent most of my youth on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. I had long blonde hair and wore soft faded denim shorts and sarongs, well-washed thin t shirts, and bikinis bleached by the salt water and the sun – and loads of silver jewellery. My trademark when I was in my teens and twenties was wearing heavy silver bracelets all the way up my arm, and silver rings on all of my fingers. They were all different – thick, thin, antique, new, plain or with patterns and engraving. All developed a gentle patina with time and use. Almost matte, but glowing as if from within. Those with engraving or patterns and shapes became black in the grooves and shapes which threw the designs into beautiful relief. I still have all of them as they are still very much a part of me. But I don’t wear them anymore.

Because from about the age of 30, I stopped liking silver. I am not sure why. Maybe my skin tone changed as I grew older. Maybe the way I dressed did. Maybe it was because I was no longer very deeply tanned all year round. And I still wear and use only gold if I can help it. All my jewellery is gold, my keyrings and keys are (if possible) gold, the hardware on anything from handbags to shoes to clothing to my wallet and umbrella is gold if I have a choice.

So my Filofaxes with gold rings and detailing are very dear to me.

My A5 Sienas have gold rings
Compact Temperley in Violet with ice-gold rings and text. Even my toes are gold in this one!
Gold-accented Temperley ruler
Gold zipper hardware on Temperley Violet
Gold button on Temperley Violet
Gold rings and press stud on Red Lizard
Gold zipper pull on Filofax Lizard. The rings look silver there because of the light but they are gold
Gold zipper pull on Filofax Lizard. The rings look silver there because of the light but they are gold
Gold removable Gillio rings
Gold removable Gillio rings

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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      1. I’m thinking of the wonderful smells, sounds, flavors of Africa. I remember taking the overnight train from Nairobi to Mombasa, leaving the windows open and the deep, rich velvet darkness and earthy scent. Sadly I understand that there is no longer rail service between Mombasa and Nairobi. And yes, hot sand… I got some very intense sunburns at the beaches of Malindi! The sound of elephants stampeding through a forest.

        Thanks for queueing up this lovely reminiscence!

  1. Isn´t it funny how something that is totally a part of who you are for so long, can become something that you´d never wear again (apart from skirts that are so short people can see your breakfast – I get that I had to give those up as I got older) lol x

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