The funniest thing I have read in a long long time

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 11.08.41 AM (best to start on page two and work backwards so you get the timeline)

A young German tourist was robbed in Ibiza. She says  “Everything was gone. Money, purses, smartphones, passports, birthday presents and clothes (besides his underpants). This must have happened in the time span of 15 minutes. Well, that sucked quite hard.

Back in Germany, a few days after Christmas, four months after the Ibiza trip, I turned on my computer and noticed 15 new pictures inside my Dropbox camera upload folder. Long story short: the thief of my smartphone didn’t delete my Dropbox app, not to mention my login data. Every photo he takes appears instantly on my computer, what a douche.”

The woman decided to launch a revenge blog, called “life of a stranger who stole my phone”, after the robber used her phone to log in to Facebook account in order to chat her up, leaving his name, Hafid and his contact details.

“What really made me wonder about his stupidity, was when I found out that he entered my Facebook account AND sent me a personal message from his own account to hit on me,” she wrote. “That’s why I know his name is Hafid.”

Author: Janet Carr

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