Steam Cream

My favourite tin – the denim one

I absolutely love Steam Cream. Why?

  • made of all natural ingredients fused together by a shot of steam
  • freshly made every day in kitchens in the UK and Japan
  • can be used on face, hands and body
  • gorgeous limited edition tins
  • has won a slew of awards for purity, efficacy and design
  • a 75ml  tin costs under £12.95
  • easy to order online wherever you live
  • free worldwide shipping
  • In London I get it at Selfridges but there is a list of stockists on the website
  • good for vegans
  • sold by if you don’t want to buy directly from the Steam Cream site
  • unisex product with some nice masculine tins if your bloke doesn’t want to take a girly tin to the gym
  • can also be used to tame hair
  • nice seasonal tins for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, as well as star signs
  • there are masculine tins, kiddie tins and travel tins

The story is:

We’re an Anglo-Japanese team that knew each other as friends and colleagues in years gone by. We had a simple idea – to create one high quality moisturiser that could be used by everyone, everyday, everywhere.

What did that mean? It meant – we wanted to make one, high quality cream that could be used on all skin types, man or woman, from your head to your toes, at any time of day or night… Simple.

We wanted it to really work – to be super nourishing, hydrating, full of nutrients, effective; as well as be ethically sourced and affordable. We wanted to give the gift of good skincare to as many people as possible and for price to not be a barrier. We also wanted to make it freshly handmade because we believe that what you put on your skin is as important as what you eat.

Just like food, fresh is best. Simple.

Lastly but by no means least, we wanted STEAMCREAM to be beautiful. We all agreed with the designer William Morris who said, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”, so we came up with the idea of limited edition, re-usable, aluminium tins to package our cream. Simple but beautiful and useful!

In a nutshell, we wanted to save time, money, planet and skin.

STEAMCREAM is all about simplicity. It’s one cream, many designs.

Thank you for helping us spread the STEAMCREAM word!

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gender neutral tin
gender neutral tin


tin for boys
tin for boys
African themed tin
African themed tin
star sign tin
star sign tin


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