Down Memory Lane for the HRC girls


  1. 3 cent bus tickets
  2. AC Kermans
  3. Airline bags to carry your books in
  4. Autograph books
  5. Bay City Rollers
  6. Beano
  7. Bessie Bunter
  8. Bioscope
  9. Body Fashions
  10. Bonanza (especially Little Joe)
  11. Braaivleis, rugby, sunny skies and Chevrolet.
  12. Cadbury’s Kiddies Club at the movies
  13. Cake mascara
  14. Carlos coffee shop (forbidden but oh so attractive)
  15. Cassette tape decks
  16. Charles of the Ritz beauty products
  17. Ché jeans and tops
  18. Cheesecloth
  19. Chopper bicycles
  20. Collecting the insides of cold drink bottom lids and filling albums with them
  21. Coppertone QT QuikTan
  22. Coppertone suntan lotion
  23. Crocodiles
  24. Curly Wurlies
  25. Dallas
  26. Darling magazine
  27. David Cassidy
  28. David Essex
  29. David Gresham
  30. Dingbats
  31. Donny Osmond
  32. Dr White’s Sanitary Belts
  33. Elastic games in the playground
  34. Espadrilles
  35. Galoobs
  36. Gap
  37. Garlicks and the way the perfume hall smelled
  38. Getting your first bra at Body Fashions in Newton Park
  39. Glooks
  40. Goya Aqua Manda perfume
  41. Grannies with blue rinses
  42. Grease sandals
  43. Greatermans
  44. Greatermans’ Rose Room
  45. Groovy cooldrink
  46. Heatherbank
  47. Heatherbank Discos
  48. Hifra fountain pens
  49. Home made sherbert at cake sales
  50. Iodine
  51. Jackie magazine
  52. Jet Jungle
  53. June magazine
  54. Kolnicks
  55. Le Sabot leather sandals with wooden platforms
  56. Life Magazine
  57. Maths tins as pencil cases with pictures tapes onto them
  58. Men from the Ministry
  59. Mercurochrome
  60. Michael’s record bar
  61. My Fair Lady Talc
  62. Nail Polish called Copper Penny
  63. Naturama
  64. Nick Nack Knockers
  65. On The Go Show
  66. Pantie and hemline inspections
  67. Photo comics like Louise
  68. Pikkies
  69. Pink magazine
  70. Pip Freedman
  71. Popshop
  72. Popshop
  73. Princess Tina magazine
  74. Purdy from The Avengers
  75. Rabbitt
  76. Rainbow skates
  77. Roll O’ Gloss lipgloss
  78. Sanitary towels with loops
  79. Sarah Moon paintings
  80. Saucy Cat boutique at OK Bazaars
  81. Scope magazine
  82. See magazine
  83. Shane
  84. Shelly Shop
  85. Shipwreck in gym class
  86. Skipping games
  87. Spectrum
  88. Springbok Hits
  89. Squad cars (they prowl the empty streets at night, in fast cars, on      foot…)
  90. Sr Bernard
  91. String games on hands
  92. Sugarbush
  93. Sylvia’s mother by Dr Hook (my mother hated that song)
  94. Squad cars (they prowl the empty streets at night, in cars and on foot. These are the men of….Squad Cars!)
  95. T Rex
  96. Tammy magazine
  97. Tennisette
  98. The clipcard for the bus
  99. The ice rink
  100. The lift operator at OK Bazaars
  101. The Mutual Arcade
  102. The old roneo machine the nuns used to use to make copies. And how      they smelled.
  103. The periscope on the double decker buses
  104. The Pick n Mix carousel at OK Bazaars in main street
  105. The smell of furniture polish on the last day of the term
  106. The Stage Door
  107. The Sweet
  108. The Tempting Tray at OK Bazaars
  109. The thrill of getting into over 18 movies
  110.  The TV test pattern
  111. Thick multicoloured slip slops in blue or brown
  112. Toff O Luxe
  113. Tramp perfume by L’Entheric
  114. Two hours of TV a day
  115. Up and Down the Stairs Boutique
  116. Using baby oil or Brylcreem as tanning lotion
  117. Waffles at Greatermans
  118. Waiting for the bus in Russell Road
  119. Valderma and Clearasil
  120. Wearing hats to school
  121. When having your period was called ‘being unwell’
  122. Viewmaster
  123. Village Gate
  124. See also this post


Any more to add?

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

9 thoughts

  1. Yes, I always went after Saturday “bioscope” as well. Hard to get Root Beer here but when I can it brings back wonderful memories. I gave some to my 3 granddaughters last year and they loved it. My son and daughter in Law were not as impresses as now they have to try to find more…. 🙂

  2. Root Beer and those half chocolate half vanilla swirly soft serve ice creams from a side street somewhere just of Main Street… Mmmmm.

    1. I think that was the original Sugarbush. We used to go there after the Cadbury Club at the 20th Century. Think root beer was about 7c, so would save my pocket money for after the cinema.

  3. Awesome Janet!
    I bought a Curly Wurly the other day, from a wee store here called “Little Britain” They import goods from the UK.
    We weren’t allowed to go to Carlo’s…
    What about Stagedoor to add?
    Yes Spirograph, loved that.
    And small packets of chips for about 2c?
    And a White Lady icecream?
    I still drool for some of those chocs from Pick n Mix at OK Bazaars…liquid mint inside a thick chocolate cup, shiny silver wrap with gren or silver dots on it…gorgussss!
    Fantastic Viewmaster, am sure Mom still has it packed away with all the slides:) Loved those 3D images.
    Saturday Night Fever
    Sha Na Na
    The Hole in the Wall, fruit and veg store/cafe/deli

  4. I had a viewmaster just like that one above and I remember all of the above. When I left HRC I worked in Barclays Bank next to OK in the Hight Street for the first year….There was a record shop next door as well and they played “I was born under a Wandering Star” all day, every day. I hate that now. I also remembe the Ice rink on Humewood sea front. Spent a lot of time there. Great memories. Thanks. 🙂

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