FOTD #11 – A5 Black Metropol

This was my first proper Filofax and is actually a teacher’s Filofax. The dedicated teacher’s package is available only in Sweden as far as I know but is a really really great refill set specifically designed for teachers.

This one is rather scratched and battered as it had an accident with a tube of superglue. But I keep it as an archiving folder. The stripes on the faux leather are meant to be leather striations I think. On the bottom right was a name tag engraved with my name which came free with it but I have it on another one of my binders now.

As a starter or budget Filofax you cannot go wrong with a Metropol. Even for leather snobs, this binder looks pure quality. It does not look fake or plasticky or cheap. It really looks nice and wears like a dream. What you are seeing below is about seven years of constant battering and a tube of superglue that fell on it. It has nice big 30mm rings that don’t gape or gap or break and hardy nylon lining.

photo-30 photo-31 photo-32 photo-33

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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