Honorary FOTD #10 – Mulberry Agenda Planner

This one is not a Filofax but has been given a place on the Filofax of the Day countdown because it is such a lovely planner. I think that if Filofax is serious about going into luxury planners this is what they should aspire to, rather than misguided collaborations with Temperley.

Made of classic Oak Darwin leather, this agenda is about six years old and has been used almost constantly. Sometimes it gets a few months’ rest but usually it is in use.

I have taken two sets of photos in slightly different lighting so you can see the subtle shifts and changes in colour. These binders are pricey but you will be making an investment that will last a lifetime. Every seam, stitch and ring is perfect. The leather just gets better and better.  I cannot praise Mulberry enough for the work they do. Every single Mulberry item I have will serve me for life and will be handed down to my grandchildren.

photo5-e1346924424472-1 photo41-e1346924289164-1 photo2-1 photo photo-1 photo11

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  1. Janet, l can’t stop looking at your pics. That binder is just parfect! Though l own several MB planners, l still don’t have an oak Darwin. So if you ever hear about someone who is selling a pocket or agenda size in oak Darwon, please let me know. I have been looking for one for ages and l’m desperate to get one.
    Thank you so much for your help.


  2. I need one of these 🙂


  3. What a beautiful binder! Makes me want to reach through the computer screen to hold it!!!!


  4. Love this. It’s beautiful.


  5. I had never heard of this brand before until Imy mentioned it. It certainly does look nice. Are the inserts bigger than the FF personal size?


    • The rings don’t match up but personal will just fit in. They are a bit longer from top to bottom than Filofax paper. There are holepunches which allow you to make settings for Mulberry though, if you want to use your own refills.



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