FOTD #6 – A5 Brown Kendal

These are some very candid shots of my worn brown Kendal. This is one of my very favourite Filofaxes – it is made of heavy, thick, good quality leather which withstands a royal battering and comes up smiling. Most scuffs and scratches just disappear. When this one was in heavy use I had a kitten who used to sharpen his claws on it when I wasn’t looking and you can barely see the scratches now.

It has nice big 30mm rings and can be overstuffed without squealing for mercy. The only problem is that it ended up being a huge heavy overstuffed brick. It has a wonderful slip pocket on the outside back cover.




It doesn’t look quite as shabby in real life – the Swedish daylight in the middle of winter is quite harsh and unforgiving.

I bought this one half price from Filofax UK and have never regretted the purchase. A lovely Filo all round.

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  1. The Kendals look like wonderfully durable binders. If I were in the market for a leather A5, I’d love one of these!



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