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I love charm bracelets and have written about my various types of charms here:

Today I am writing about my favourite charms again – Nomination 🙂

I like Nomination charms because they are sleek and subtle. They don’t jangle or clank or hang loose on your wrist. They don’t get caught in anything. You can wear them with casual clothes or smart outfits. There are thousands of them. You can buy the proper nomination ones or generic ‘Italian charms’ which will fit your bracelet. They are beautifully made in 18ct gold, enamel and stainless steel. You can have the plain links engraved with anything you want or you can buy gold links to have engraved. You can have your Medic Alert status (allergies, ailments, medical conditions) as a link on your bracelet. You can have photographs transferred to them.

Nomination charms can also be worn as watchstraps, brooches and pendants. You can buy longer charms or images which stretch across several charms. There is no limit to how you can change them around. You can buy base bracelets with symbols on them or plain ones in every colour under the sun. The links are very easy to change and move around. I use my fingers but you can get various tools to easily slip them on and off.

The nice thing about a charm bracelet is that it grows with you. People can buy them for you for special occasions or just surprises. You can buy them for yourself. You can sell and swap them. You can hand them down to your children.  Each bracelet you fill creates another bracelet of empty links for you to give to special people. Over the years your bracelet will be a diary, a map of your life. Each charm will have a story and a meaning behind it. I have travelled a lot and I buy a charm in each place I visit, instead of a cheesy tourist trinket. Wherever you go your charm bracelet can be your companion, larger special things which are tied to a place.

I like the following sites for Nomination

Fabulous Collections


Bertie Browns

Cougarcharm-uk on ebay for cheaper charms in their thousands! Buy a bracelet for ÂŁ1.50 and charms starting from 99p — and she ships worldwide! Her service is excellent and the charms are lovely. They are not 18ct like the Nomination ones and perhaps not always as robust but they look pretty much the same and you can make a whole bracelet for a very low price.

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