My Mystic Topaz


People who know me will recognise these semi-precious stones as they are my favorite – mystic topaz. I often wear mine. They are also called fire topaz or rainbow topaz. They are created by applying a coating of titanium to colourless topaz. The coating is quite hardy as long as you don’t scour it with anything.

I love the way these stones shimmer and change colour with the light. I have two pieces I particularly love – a pear shaped ring and matching pendant. I bought the ring in South Africa and the pendant from eBay. Amazingly they match in terms of colur and size. I also have a 66ct pearshaped unset stone that I want to have made into a gold ring.

Each stone is unique – my favourites have strong tones of green and pink rather than red.  I own each of the ones I have featured below, though the butterfly is mostly blue so that is probably not the exact ring featured in the photograph.

If you like the look of them, they are easily found on and If you want a really big one, remember to look at the measurements rather than the carat weight as each stone differs in shape.

This one I bought from Etsy

This one I bought from Etsy


This is my 66ct unset stone – waiting for me to save enough money to set it in gold.


Bought on eBay


The pendant I usually wear – bought on eBay


Bought on the internet


Bought on Etsy


An Etsy find


My South African pear shaped ring


My pendant

LR0204 PD134511 SM049772


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