FOTD #5 – A5 Brown Amazona

This is not the most photogenic of Filofaxes (rather like me, poor thing). It was my first expensive Filofax. It has been a hardy workhorse though it has shown more wear than I would have liked to the clasp. Very little wear elsewhere, though the mottled pattern makes it look quite shabby in the pics.

The leather on the Amazonas is puffy and bumpy – more 3D than exotic than alligator/croc print usually is. Each binder has its own pattern of bumps. Generally this binder has worn well except over the clasp where the colour has faded a little.

I love the fact that it is full-leather and I like the more interesting zipper-pull (though I could think of way better ones. Why are Filofax zipper-pulls so BORING?) but I don’t like the 25mm rings.

photo-14 photo photo-2 photo-3 photo-4 photo-6 photophoto-13

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  1. Actually looks like it’s worn in really beautifully! I love binders that show some use. And the Amazona in brown has always been a favorite of mine.



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