FOTD #1 – Mini Teal Baroque

This is one of my favourite Filofaxes. I bought it on sale a few years ago. I don’t normally use mini filofaxes but have used this one a lot as a travel Filofax. It holds all the details I need for packing and preparing for a trip, and then for the actual travelling. I can remove or rearrange the details according to which is the most important at the time. I can also prepare for my return home with lists and reminders that occur to me while I am away. I just throw away anything that is no longer irrelevant, meaning that I am not carrying with me any excess weight in my mind or in my luggage.

I loved this style. I wish they had brought it out in A5 and in colours such as purple with gold or green embossing. This was a surprisingly popular Filofax which did not have enough time on the shelf in my opinion.

This one is in Teal. It is gorgeous soft smooshy leather with super soft quality embossing. Can be used as a wallet if you use the card pockets and little zippered pocket. I was unable to find a Filofax notebook small enough for the back pocket so have used generic brands as well as just stuffing receipts and scraps of paper  with phone numbers scribbled on them in it.

The top photo is pretty much true as regards the color. You can see that even after heavy use (it has been my constant companion for 12 weeks per year for about four years now) it shows only slight signs of use.

photo photo-16photo-1 photo-2

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Dear Janet, I know you’ve had offers before, but I’m feeling lucky —–Would you sell or trade your mini travel Turquoise Baroque for a POCKET brand New One? with gorgeous inserts? Or a NEW Hot Pink Mini, or Red Amazona? Or my first born Grand Daughter….well maybe not for the kid…but I’m desperate.

    1. Hello Barbara – I am so sorry but I sold this one two years ago. I only have a black personal now. I wish they would bring back this model!

  2. I don’t know I’d buy a Baroque for myself, but I do recognise what a scrumptious binder it is, and I’m sure it would look delicious in purple!

  3. I was wondering…is there any possible way you could ever consider selling this amazing planner?
    I would die for one…I can’t find one anywhere 🙁

    1. I would sell it if I could find a personal in Teal. I promise to let you know if I do decide. In the meantime have a regular look at Adspot on Philofaxy. There was one there not too long ago. Happy hunting and I will keep you posted!

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