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One of my regular readers and frequent commenters is Dawn Gill, of Dawn Gill Designs. I would like to give her a shout out on my blog today, and feature her shop. You can find Dawn’s LinkTree here. The list of links in the tree includes Dawn’s very interesting blog, her shop, and her other social media.

I have never bought from Dawn but a while ago I fell in love with her stud earrings. I can only wear dainty earrings and Dawn has some lovely, tiny designs. She is a really talented silversmith, and uses certified recycled silver to create the jewellery.

Look at these gorgeous dainty earrings. [all photographs belong to Dawn]

And look at these beauties! I can recommend spinner rings if you need to fidget with something. I have had two in the past and they were not only comfortable and pretty, but I loved to spin them.

This one is on sale at the moment. I am not a gardener but I like the idea of watering my soul, so this would represent that.

This is my absolute favourite item from the shop. I absolutely adore it.

There are loads of science fiction inspired items (the Tardis products made me think of Sharon W), and also knitting gadgets and crochet patterns.

If you are looking to buy unique gifts and support a small business, I recommend choosing shops like Dawn’s. She also does custom designs so you can contact her if you have an idea.

Dawn’s shop is going on my ‘to buy’ list for next year, once I have managed to declutter enough to justify adding more things to my collection.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. This was such a surprise and joy to wake to this morning. Huge thanks for the compliments and for making the time to create such a supportive post – especially as my site can often be a tad sluggish. Revisiting it and curating it more effectively is on my post Christmas to-do list.
    Thank you again, and big virtual hug.
    And I ought to thank WordPress too, because your site appeared in the recommendations, which is how I found you.

    1. My very great pleasure Dawn. You make gorgeous items. I will be along to buy some of your gorgeous earrings when my decluttering reaches its final phase. I really like supporting small businesses, particularly those owned by women.

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