What’s in my bag – Van Der Spek La Grande Tote

I took a photograph of what I carry in my bag these days. Compared to what I used to carry a number of years ago, it is very little.

  • umbrella. I always carry an umbrella in my bag. This one is big but it is very light. I have found that the tiny Totes ones I used to carry were too small to be effective or handle wind. This is a free one my husband got somewhere but it has been amazing.
  • makeup bag. This is a transparent one from H&M. I don’t carry much makeup with me. The bulk of my makeup bag is filled with aspirin, plasters, glasses cleaners and wetwipes!
  • two foldable totes. I only need one but they are so light I generally carry two. I love these Loqi ones.
  • gum
  • tissues
  • reading glasses

Not shown are my keys and my phone, which I carry in my pocket.

Compared to what I used to carry, I can totally understand why my back and shoulder hates me.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I love those posts. Thank you, Janet!
    Don’t you carry keys, a purse and a smartphone?
    Where do you put your books, notebook, pens and laptop? Or have you found a different system? Being a teacher I can’t imagine doing without those work tools so if you have a solution, please share it.
    The content of your bag is very similar to what I carry when I’m not working minus keys, purse and smartphone.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Nathalie!

      I don’t have keys anymore, but I carry my entry tags and phone in my pocket. My phone cover has my driver’s licence and payment cards in it, and I don’t use cash anymore, so no wallet. I also carry only my ring planner. It has all my notes and calendars in it. My pens usually roll around the bottom of my bag, but I am now using the little pouch that came with my bag for my pens. I almost never carry papers for students anymore, and try to leave my laptop at home. I cannot believe how much lighter my load is these days!

      1. Thank you for your reply, Janet.
        I never put anything in my pockets as I don’t want to damage my clothes (and I hate the bulge look) but mostly because I’m scared of losing the things I put in them.
        It’s nice you manage to leave your laptop and papers/textbooks at home. I wish I could as well but unfortunately I can’t as I work with downloaded textbooks so I need my laptop.
        Anyway, I really enjoyed your What’s in my Bag post and I hope you will make more of them.

  2. I LOVE posts like this. I’m always fascinated to see what other women carry. There was an American magazine years ago whose last page was dedicated to precisely this topic, and I loved that. There was always something great to research (and/ or buy) that would make life easier. However, after 2 rods and 10 screws replaced part of my spine, I have to go for “This is what’s in my tiny bag” now. Still fun…!

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