Museum Collection Folding Shoppers by Loqi

My favourite artworks of all time are the 250 paintings in the Water Lilies series by Claude Monet. They are so peaceful and the colours are spectacular. I have always been drawn to them, particularly the blue ones, like Evening Effect.

I have been using a Water Lilies glasses case for years. I bought it at a museum shop and it has lasted pretty well.

At the end of the term, my wonderful students (who had seen my spectacles case during lessons) gifted me a Loqi Museum Collection foldable tote with the same theme.

Plastic and paper shopping bags cost a lot in Sweden, so I always carry a couple of folding totes in my handbag. My husband carries two in his backpack and we have three in the saddle bags of our motorcycle. They are normally not very attractive.

I love Loqi totes because you can fold them and put them back into the little pouch, or else you can roll them up and fasten them with the popper. They are washable, sturdy and light, with broad straps. I gifted someone a Mondrian one a few years ago and I have been wishing I had bought one for myself. They are more like an actual bag and less like a quick solution to a problem like the others I have.

I love so many bags from the Museum collection.

See other Loqi products here. You can find Loqi bags on JetPens, Amazon and various sites worldwide. There are always sales on one or other variety, and they are nicer than most of the cheapies I have used, like the green one above which cost $1.50

Another brand of foldable tote I like is Reisenthal, but most large shop chains in Sweden have their own version. You can also put a few regular-sized plastic bags in a dog poop bag holder. What I like about that is that there are so many nice poop bag holders. They are made for smaller bags but if you find one with a larger opening you can put a couple of plastic shopping bags inside.

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