Filofax plastic dividers

I am not a big divider user, but I have had simple ones over the past year with great success. The cream card ones below were part of an insert pack from long ago. They came with the labels on, but I just use them to divide sections.

Recently though, I was buying some notepaper and noticed these pretty ones in plastic. There were different patterns to suit different binders, but I liked these ones the best.

I don’t need labels on the tabs because my layout is very simple. Front to back, these dividers separate

  1. 2023 week-on-two-pages calendar
  2. 2024 week-on-two-pages calendar
  3. 2023 page-a-day calendar
  4. Lists (reading list, wish list, birthday gift lists, blog ideas, bus timetables)
  5. blank notepaper
  6. plastic envelopes filled with stamps, ring protections, photos, stickers

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

5 thoughts

  1. I use dividers. I really like the Filofax black and white set.  I broke the tab on one.  I always have issues with the tabs on dividers that are close to the pen loop. 

  2. I have only used dividers in one planner back in the 90s. I don’t find them useful. However I use A-Z tabs in my a6 planner and I find them very helpful to to locate my different sections. B for birthdays, C for customers info, D for Diary, L for lessons, M for medical, P for passwords, R for reading lists, T for trips and travels etc. I have organised my a6 and a5 planners that way since the mid 80s and it works perfectly for me.

  3. I almost bought these. I found some other dividers made of plastic as well. I use dividers in my work Filofax. Because I don’t have too many classes, I have one divider per work day, plus one divider for personal details and two for calendars (yearly and monthly).

    One day, I had seen the most gorgeous vintage Filofax (a Winchester, I think) and the person had no system whatsoever, so there were no dividers and it looked like the most beautiful planner to ever grace desks… So there are positives and negatives to dividers!…

    1. I don’t think I ever used dividers until about a year ago, and now I really like them. I have always used clear plastic rulers to separate the sections.

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