Two more XL scrunchies from Sempangi Collection

On Saturday I went via our local flea market to buy two more XL scrunchies, handmade by Kelly at Sempangi Collection. I definitely do not need more hair accessories but I really wanted to support this small woman-owned business, and I love these XL scrunchies. Kelly had made more big ones, and some of them were even reversible so you could change them around to have different colour combinations.

I chose these ones – because I love blue, and because I thought the yellow was gorgeous. I double-checked that it would not clash with my hair, but so far so good! These are going to be great to brighten up my outfits during winter, because my dark outfits are so bleh.

Wrapped around once

Wrapped around twice

I only noticed afterwards that my collar was sticking up so sorry about that.

Look at this nice packaging!

I was so interested in these headbands because I am thinking of growing my hair colour out and I have heard they are great at hiding regrowth. There were Alice bands as well, which I loved, although I may be too old for those. I would love to try a headband in a more muted tone to see how I get on.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Seriously, they are so beautiful! I saw them on your Instagram page. Does this lady sell the scrunchies online? I see that she has regular sized ones. The ones you chose are really perfect! I love the patterns!

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