Pocket size imprinted leather ring organiser

I am very keen to find out the brand of this organiser. I found it in a little shop years ago and have never been able to figure out what brand it is.

It served me well and is very well-designed. If it had a full-length wallet pocket, the layout would be perfect.

  • double poppers
  • ring protectors
  • zip pocket
  • secretarial pocket

Anyone know the brand?

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Now I’m obsessed and I need to know as well. On the front cover, it says “Scarabé”, which is a French word for “beetle” or “scarab”. So I googled with French words but I couldn’t find anything. I used Google Lens and I came across a few different types of ring binders. Most of them were Mulberry binders. I also came across a blog post of yours from 2014 showing an actual Mulberry binder.

    In case you want to google yourself and look at French websites, the keywords you will need are “agenda”, “planneur”, “agenda rechargeable”, “cuir”.

    Sorry I can’t be more useful!…

  2. It seems to say “swallow rk” on the metal closures, don’t know if that’s the brand but a quick search gives a few results with that brand name. No binders though.

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