Belmont pocket Filofax and Coach Swagger bag

Here is an idea of how compact my pocket Belmont planner is. It fits perfectly in my small Coach Swagger bag. I cannot carry much in this bag but my back thanks me and I don’t need anything else over weekends and evenings.

I love this frog ring. I have a similar cat pendant which I love.
My coat is very puffy (and oh so soft) but this photo gives an idea of the size of the bag relative to me (I am 5ft 7in/1.7m tall).

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. After I read about your experiment, I decided to try my own. I am going to use 2 planners with my work life in an A5 and my personal life in a personal size. I was finally able to find some vertical week on 2 pages inserts. They are strangely hard to find in the U.S. My complete schedule is in both. Before, I had everything in my A5 and it was too big and too heavy.

    1. Good luck! It is so much easier to function with a lighter planner when you go out. I used to find myself leaving mine at home because it was too bulky, and then I didn’t have it when I needed it!

  2. Your bag looks really pretty! I love it! and the planner looks great too. May I also say that your hair looks absolutely gorgeous!…

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