Original 1927 patent for antique ring binder – thank you Judy!

This beauty is a Filofax-type ring organiser with the most beautiful cover and an ingenious system. I have had it since 2016 but the calendar inside is from 1931.

There are two sections. When you are finished with pages, the ring system lifts up and you fold the used pages underneath. The only thing I cannot figure out is how you take the paper off the rings to replace the filler with the next year’s one because the rings are loose and do not clip or pull open. I thought maybe you removed the entire mechanism and put a new one in each year. However, I am a wordsmith rather than an engineer so I am awful at those kinds of things.

Then yesterday, the AMAZING Judy send me US1711894, dated 1927

Read the full patent here

Author: Janet Carr

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