My collection of small pillboxes

I have a collection of little pillboxes that I use for different things.

  • the rectangular case with cats on is used for pills when I travel. It has seven little compartments, one for each day of the week
  • the small mosaic box (which belonged to my granny) and the little square gold box with a stone on top one are for little keepsakes – shells, tiny charms, little dice, a lucky bee, a Saint Christopher Medal, an old devotional medal
  • the small round silver-coloured box with the raised symbol on it holds spare earring backs
  • the see through glass and brass container holds all my small earrings
  • the round box with the Eiffel Tower was bought in Paris and holds my delicate chains – one in each of the three compartments. This way they don’t get damaged or tangled
  • the heart-shaped sterling silver box holds aspirin in my bag
  • the big round box holds my bigger earrings

I also have two more little boxes that were not intended for pills.

  • one is in the shape of a bible and holds all my little devotional medals. I come from a very religious family and went to a Catholic convent school for 12 years. Even though I am no longer a practising Catholic, I do keep all these little items that belonged to my grandparents and parents.
  • the other one is a little pewter box. The lid is a brooch holding two earrings, and inside it is a lovely inscription and a pendant on a chain.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  2. That one with the raised symbol is the Eye of Horus. It’s an Egyptian themed symbol, popular in many periods of history for ornamentation.

    That one & the cats pill box are really my aesthetic. ^_^ I am a huge fan of little boxes, bottles & tins of all sorts. If it’s tiny & holds other (tiny) stuff I want one! I have so many tins & boxes that my partner has given up trying to sway me away from them and now helps me fill them with things (most recently little glass bottles with cork stoppers I filled with tiny bits of sand from our latest beach trip & dutifully labelled as such).

    1. Thank you so much for telling me what the symbol is! There are so many of these tiny pretty boxes with Egyptian symbols on them, and I never know specifically what they are.

      I also love the cat one. In these boxes, each one is different, with slightly different colours. This colourway really stood out for me.

      I had a little art deco one on the way to me with a woman’s face on it, so I will post it when I get it. Glad to find a fellow lover of tiny boxes!

    1. It was given to me by beloved friends when I was living in the US. I have never seen another one like it, but at the time I believe you could collect them.

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