Delicate earrings from Muja Juma and Kinz Kanaan

Source: Muja Juma

I have tiny (or maybe non-existent?) earlobes, so I have always been unable to wear clip-on/screw-on, dangly, or heavy earrings. Clip-ons have nothing to clip to, screw-ons have nothing to grip on, and dangly or heavy earrings feel awful as my piercings are so close to the edge.

I generally wear tiny gold studs, which I never take out. Over the past years I have been wearing Danish Kinz Kanaan studs, which are gold-plated sterling silver and cubic zirconia. I have worn them 24/7 for almost a year now and they are still as good as new. They have enough detail on them to look unusual, but are still light and small enough for me to wear.

After a year of wearing the Kinz Kanaan studs above, I recently changed to Dutch Muja Juma studs. These are also very light and delicate with enough detail to make them interesting. There are so many beautiful earrings out there that I am unable to wear, I am always delighted to find pretty earrings that fit me.

It was so hard to take a good photo of my go-to earrings – from top to bottom:

  • Muja Juma smokey quartz and gold plated sterling silver dot earrings
  • Muja Juma labradorite and gold plated sterling silver dot earrings
  • Kinz Kanaan gold plated sterling silver Alma earrings

Every Muja Juma piece of jewellery comes with a gorgeous little jewellery box. This means that you can keep your treasures separated, making them easier to find and also less likely to tangle up or become scratched.

Kinz Kanaan jewellery also comes beautifully packaged with a little personal note in each delivery.

Author: Janet Carr

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