Midsummer and other animals

Over the past months the weather has been lousy in Stockholm. Rainy almost every day, especially weekends. We normally take long walks and rides over weekends, but it has been impossible. By the time this past weekend came, I had severe cabin fever.

Last Friday was Swedish Midsummer Eve. The time of year when Swedes are happiest and where the celebrations are really big. The weather was epic. Hot (maybe a little too hot at 30°C/86°F) and humid but better than cold and rain! We spent the day with friends having a picnic and Yatzy at Skansen. The sky was blue, the grass was green, the company was wonderful. There were loads of people but Skansen is big, so it was not crowded except in the ice cream queue and at the raising of the maypole. I got quite sunburned, despite sunscreen.

I felt sorry for the blacksmiths, using old methods to make metal items while standing in the boiling sun all day, so I bought an iron ring with the names of three Norse goddesses (Freya, Skadi and Sif) written in runes. I normally find rune trinkets quite cheesy but the blacksmith spent a lot of time showing me how to read it and telling me why he chose goddesses rather than the more common gods.

On Saturday the weather was beautiful (thought very hot) again so we took an all-day ride through the countryside. It has been a while since the weather has been decent enough to go out on the bike.

On Sunday we had a car (we use car sharing) and went to get cat supplies and some things at IKEA. It was too hot for me on Sunday and the humidity was very high so I was uncomfortable all day, despite wearing a very light, cool dress. Thank goodness for air conditioning in the car. My husband took a photo and I realised afterwards that I looked really ill.

Towards the afternoon I started feeling the heat really badly, despite drinking fluids all day. I had a headache, nausea, a heat rash all over my body (very unusual as I am from Africa and used to high temperatures). I went to bed early on Sunday night…

…only to wake up at 3am with a high fever and soaking wet sheets. By 4am I dragged myself to the living room where I lay until it was a respectable time to get up. Not sure how I managed it but I taught all day (via Teams). In the evening I realised that this was not due to the heat, or a summer cold. So I took a lateral flow test (we had some at home), and yep, I have COVID-19. I took a second test just to make sure.

I am not sure when I was infected. My guess is Skansen, but it seems that the incubation period would be longer. Luckily (apart from last Friday) I am never in crowds, so hopefully I have not given it to anyone. No one that has been around me in the last week has it.

It goes to show that we are not out of the woods yet, and we should still be careful. I am lucky that I am triple vaccinated and that it is mild (so far) but it is still not very pleasant. I have about 5 more days inside, and hope I don’t get sicker.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. You poor thing! I was so excited to read your trip and see your pictures with the blacksmith and then to hear that you caught that horrible virus… I am so sorry for you and I hope you are comfortable and getting better everyday. Please be very safe and let us know how you are doing.

    1. Hello Eva – thanks for your wishes. After a week of fever in the summer heat (not fun), I finally tested negative today so I can go out again when I am feeling up to it. I just hope I haven’t made anyone else sick (though everyone I have been around for the last weeks is negative). I hope I have some extra antibodies now to top up my vaccinations!

      1. Janet! I’m so glad you are doing better! Fever on such hot weather is not fun at all!… Take it easy, even if you have tested negative. As for other people you were in contact with, you didn’t know you were infected so it’s definitely not your fault. As soon as you knew, you took the right steps right away. Please take it easy!

  2. No we’re not out of the woods yet. Covid is still increasing here and we are advised to wear masks in public transports.
    I haven’t stopped wearing FFP2 masks every time I leave my house and I hope I won’t get reinfected as I got really sick when I caught Covid in May 2021 and I still have many symptoms a Lear later.
    I hope you get well soon.

    1. Thank you! I finally tested negative again yesterday. Am very tired but the fever has thankfully gone and the headaches are just a dull ache now. I will be up and running by Monday I am sure!

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