Dog daycare, sourdough hotels and tyre hotels

I took this video from the bus today, as the dog daycare near us was taking their smaller dogs for their twice-daily walk.

We have two doggie daycares near us. Apparently they have been busier than ever after people who acquired dogs during the pandemic returned to work. The daycare doggies have playtime, walks, naps, treats, and ‘beauty’ treatments. The daycare near us offers two walks a day, claw clipping, baths, ear cleaning, grooming, teeth brushing and pick-up and drop-off. I think they receive snacks as well.

Sweden also has Sour Dough Hotels, where you can leave your sourdough when you go away. The staff at the hotel will then feed, massage and look after your sourdough while you are away. For your convenience, there is even a sourdough hotel at the airport. The cost is about $35 a week.

In Sweden you need two sets of tyres – one for summer, one for winter. You can check the tyres you are not using into a tyre hotel, which will look after them until you need them again.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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