My Classics: Jeans

As much as I have tried most trends that been around, I always go back to slim-legged and narrow bootcut jeans. I have no hips or butt and very thin legs so skinny jeans make me look like a flamingo, and wide ones make me look like I am wearing fisherman’s waders.

This photo shows that skinny jeans make my legs look a little too skinny.

Below is a photo of me (second from right) at school with WIDE (WIIIIIDDDDE) jeans by Gap. Never again…

I generally have most use out of a dark pair of slim jeans and a light pair of bootcut jeans. When the dark pair fade, I tend to buy a new pair because slim dark jeans in the classic 5-pocket shape can be perfect for work if you accessorise properly. I like medium to high waists as I have grown older and my tummy needs help. At the moment my bootcut jeans are by Busnel (below) and my straight jeans are by Marta Du Chateau. I have one pair of drawstring waist jeans that I live in at home and at weekends.  I do have other styles but I don’t end up wearing them that much.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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