James Yesberger rings on eBay

I have written before about Maine silversmith James Yesberger, and how much I love his jewellery. I particularly love his animal pieces, because they are so true to life. He must have had a real love of animal to be able to depict both physiology and character so well in a small piece of jewellery.

My post about him has often led to me receiving emails. Sometimes people are trying to sell a piece but being offered only scrap value for it. Other times people have lost a beloved item of Yesberger jewellery and are trying to replace it.

The problem with niche designers or collectibles is that the mainstream doesn’t know the value of it. I guess the average jeweller is not aware of how sought after Yesberger is among fans. It is the same with Filofaxes. I have found binders worth thousands being sold for next to nothing because ‘no one uses paper anymore’

Recently these two appeared on my eBay. I fell in love with both of them (for obvious reasons) and am still deciding whether to bid as one of them is going rather high already. Links to the auctions at the bottom of the post.

Cat and kittens rings

Hippo Ring

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