Núnoo Ellie Deluxe Grey Handbag with Gold Hardware

This is another bag that came from a sample sale.

A long time before each season’s items appear in the shops, the companies have one or two samples made of each possible product, and show prototypes to the retailers and distributors. If they receive orders, the items go into production. If they do not, the item remains a prototype. These prototypes are then sold at DEEP discount at sample sales. I have been lucky enough to be invited to some. Others I have just stumbled upon as I walked past. They can be a bit of a bunfight as the nicest items go first and there is usually only one of everything. In addition, some of the items never go into production so the sample is truly one of a kind.

This one is called Núnoo Ellie Deluxe Grey with Gold. There were two of them at the sample sale and I bought this one during the last few hours of the sale. Retail price was $180 and I paid $25. I like that it has gold hardware. One tiny front pocket holds my travel card and the other fits my keys (strange how I still said keys when I only have tags these days). The zippered pocket behind it holds receipts, bits of paper etc. Inside there is one slip pocket and one zippered pocket. It has a removable shoulder/crossbody strap.

I don’t normally use light-coloured bags, because I wear mostly dark colours and there can be unsightly colour transfer from my clothes to the light accessories. But at that price, I figured I would take a chance. It is so nice to have something lighter for spring and summer. Yesterday I wore a white shirt and sneakers, dark blue denim jacket, and light blue jeans so it was really nice to use this lighter coloured bag.

They also had them in black with gold hardware, dark green croc with silver hardware, and transparent ones in PVC.  I have seen them at previous sample sales but never looked closer as I always used huge handbags. Now I have been forced to downsize, I am more interested in smaller bags.






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