Saving money on purchases

When I write posts about my purchases, I generally mention that I bought them at a discount. I buy most things at less than the retail price, in different ways:

  • summer and winter sales – usually 30% to 70% discount
  • bonus points and special discounts from shop membership programmes (these really add up)
  • using Pricerunner to determine the cheapest price for something
  • discounts for joining a membership programme (usually 15% – 20%)
  • discounts for subscribing to an online newsletter (usually 10% to 15%)
  • gift cards (I request these for birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries)
  • gift cards from my employer for Christmas
  • web prices are often lower so I try things on in the shop and then buy them online
  • buying second hand (great for handbags and belts)
  • 3 for 2 offers if it is something I will use
  • GWP (gifts with purchase) if I qualify for the gift through buying things I already use
  • stacking discounts – using bonus points, gift cards or extra discounts on sale items to buy something that is already on deep discount.

I use discounts to buy products I know and like, and also to try out new things. But I never buy things that don’t quite fit just because they are cheap. And if I really like something, like the dress above from H and M, I buy at full price before it sells out. Strangely – unlike designer items – it is almost impossible to find a chainstore item of clothing after it is not stocked anymore.


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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