My ‘what’s in my bag’ posts – a compilation

I used to do regular posts about what was in my bag. It is strange how some things stayed for the long haul (gum, umbrella, snacks, binder, glasses), while others came and went. I love looking back and being reminded about my old phone covers, makeup bags, and which binders I used to use.

Nowadays, as mentioned, due to the pandemic, I have downsized a great deal because I haven’t been working in the field all day. My trips out of the house were short, so I only needed keys, tissues, wallet, and travel card.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. At the risk of sounding hyper dramatic, I am weeping looking at this post… I am in full handbag upheaval and this is exactly what I need to see to get inspired… Because I’m also teaching like you, I’m torn between having one bag with everything or two bags: one with personal things and one with professional things. And then I have to figure out the ratio between the two… Not easy at all, so posts like yours really help, especially because our background is so similar! Thank you!

    1. I think that is ultimate crux of the matter. If you are a teacher and you have a bag that fits everything nicely, it’s too heavy. If you move into a second overflow bag, it means you are juggling two things in your hands instead of one. At the moment I am using one small crossbody bag or a pouch with my necessities, and a Le Pliage bag or backpack with the bigger stuff like my laptop and notebooks. Good luck in your hunt!

      1. Thank you! This is why I got very excited the other day because of the article you posted about that really lovely pouch. And I agree with everything you said and it’s very cathartic to see someone write what you have been thinking about… Right now, I have a tiny crossbody bag with the strict essentials (wallet, keys, phone, foldable shopping bag and mask) and then I have a backpack for my classes and so far, so good!… Thank you again!

  2. I loved these posts so much along with the ones dedicated to the planners you use. I miss them a lot. They have been a source of inspiration for me. It would be great if you resumed them 🙏

  3. I always loved these posts Janet, knowing there was someone else who enjoyed there things not as possessions but as something to be used and cherished . I stopped watching the YouTube hauls or closet tours of impossible amounts of things that seem to sit on their shelf unused😊

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