Monique Vanmeulebrouk of Falcon Travelers periodically does fandom notebook covers. I can always recognise Harry Potter and Star Wars, but not much else, sadly.

Five weeks ago I would not have recognised the cover featured here. But after binge watching about 250 episodes of Supernatual, I definitely recognised it now!

I am now on season 12 of 15 and still enjoying it immensely. It is rare for a television series to stay strong that long. Many of them jump the shark pretty early.

In a starring role during many episodes are notebooks. Ring organisers abound, but there are also grimoires, wrap-around notebooks, Moleskines, lockable diaries – you name it, it’s featured. John Winchester’s tan leather ring organiser has featured in every season so far, and I am on season 12 of 15.

The Vampire Diaries had many diaries, particularly in the beginning, but they were not as prevalent as paper and the written word in Supernatural.

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