Spa day

My stepdaughter’s mother and I have birthdays one day apart – she is 22 July and I am 23 July. So last year, our daughter gave us a spa day for two.

We were so excited and dying to use it, but corona came into the mix and we had to cancel our first two bookings. Then someone near me went down with a fever so I had to self-isolate until they received their (negative) results.

We finally managed to have our spa day last weekend. Sweden does not have a lockdown so as long as health and beauty facilities follow the regulations, you are allowed to have treatments.

It was lovely!

We started out with 90 minutes in the whirlpool. It was Fiji-themed which was wonderful. I have only been in one once before so I was not sure how I would manage not to get bored, but time flew by. We had lots of jets on and we floated around and talked and talked and talked. We are very close friends and see each other often, but it was great to meet in such a relaxing milieu.

After that we sat in our robes and had a fruit plate and spring water.

We then went into another room for full body massages, full facials, and scalp massages. It was lovely. So relaxing that we almost went to sleep.

One thing I find funny is that in many other countries you have regular massages and Swedish massages. In Sweden the regular massage IS a Swedish massage. It always hurts me because I carry my tension in my neck, shoulders and back. But afterwards I feel amazing. I should actually have massages more often because my tension headaches come from clenching my jaw and tightening my upper body muscles.

After our treatements we went for a relaxing lunch of Asian food and a walk. Then I met my stepson and we had coffee, cake and went to my place for more coffee and chats! The best Sunday in ages!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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