Loquet London Lockets

I have always loved lockets. My mother had a round silver one with photos of her and her brother in it, and my grandmother had a gold one one of her and her husband. When I turned 12 I received a heart shaped locket from my parents with photos of them in it. I still have them all. I recently bought a photo ball, which I probably won’t put photos in, but I love it nonetheless.

I also love charm bracelets, and have several by Tiffany, Pandora, Nomination.

I previously wrote about Origami Owl charm lockets which you can create yourself. It is like a combination between a charm bracelet and a locket.

I recently stumbled on Loquet London which is totally out of my price range but oh so beautiful to look at. These charm lockets are stunning!

They also have charm bracelets

Author: Janet Carr

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