A warthog walks into a bar…

I thought I had written about him before, but I couldn’t find the post. This is Spike, a warthog from Pamuzinda Safari Lodge near Harare, Zimbabwe. When the nights are cold he comes inside and walks up to the bar, where the barman hands him a pillow. Spike then takes the pillow, plops it down beside the fire, puts his head on it, and goes to sleep. If there is no barman on duty, Spike takes a pillow from the sofa instead.

You can see Spike’s nightly routine from 1:28 in this video

Categories: Animals, Southern Africa


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  1. This answers that age-old question: “Where does a warthog sleep?”


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  2. I never thought that I would say this about a warthog, but Spike is SO cute!

    Although warthogs look dangerous and threatening, they really aren’t, unless they themselves are threatened or attacked.

    It really warms the cockles of my heart when a wild animal behaves like a domestic one, like a dog or cat!!

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