Lidl ring organisers

When we made our monthly trip to Lidl today, they had these. Faux leather personal-sized ring organisers for €4/$4.

Considering the price, they felt really nice. They would not last a lifetime, naturally but they come boxed, with plastic dividers, a ruler, inserts plus a 2021/2022 calendar and a notepad at the back. There were brown and black in stock, but I also found a box for a gorgeous saffiano-like version. The actual binder was gone and the empty box was the only one.

If anyone is looking for a cheap binder as a first binder or a test binder (will this size suit me?) or for another purpose (travel, health kick, recipes), you couldn’t go wrong with this. If you have a Lidl nearby it may be worth your while to pop in and see if they have them.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. How is that your Lidl has that many cool things and mine don’t?
    I have never seen organisers in my local branch, but I am hoping they will arrive this year.
    Just one silly question: is the price in the picture in Swedish currency or Euros?

  2. I found two wonderful green ones among all the black at my Lidl today. Bought both, one for me and one for a friend. It’s a lovely warm green color, almost a slight tough of gold. I’m in love.

    1. I love the green ones – haven’t seen any in real life though. But I did spot one of the golden brown saffiano-print ones and it was absolutely glorious. Still kicking myself for not buying it when I saw it.

  3. Forgive me for being an Idiot, but I have to ask 🙂
    Is the ring spacing the same as personel? ie does the filofax inserts fit?

  4. I’ve just bought mine for a second year in a row. I really like the inserts and I use them and put away the binder. 😉

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