My Clarins Re-Move Radiance Exfoliating Powder

One of my favourite products of all time is Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant rice-based powder. You mix a little bit of the powder with water and it makes your face feel so clean and smooth, but not tight or dry. I like scrubs but so many of them are too harsh. I used this for many years, but the price for the 75g bottle seemed to rocket up about five years ago so I stopped buying it unless I could get it on special.

About a month ago I received a coupon for a deep discount on My Clarins Re-Move Radiance Exfoliating Powder so I went out and bought a bottle/tube. It cost $15 for 40g. Dermalogica at the same shop was $60 for 75g,  Clarins Re-Move works pretty much the same as the Dermalogica, and I like it.  There is a strong rice-like smell when you use it but that I can live with. The only thing I was not too enamoured of was the packaging. It is a plastic bottle that is rather attractive, but falls over easily because the bottom is rounded. I am still not sure whether it is designed to stand up or lie down. If they were the same price, I would go for the Dermalogica, but as long as the Clarins remains significantly cheaper, I will choose it.


Author: Janet Carr

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  1. I don’t know if you have dry or sensitive skin but if you do I would advise you not to use physical scrubs as they cause micro damages to the skin. No skin type should use them actually but especially mature, sensitive or dry skin.
    Have you thought about trying chemical exfoliation? It is made thanks to acids (salicylic, glycolic or lactic mostly) and it gently removes the dead cells on the surface, replenish your skin, empty your pores and leaves your skin radiant.
    Within a few uses you get an even skin tone and it prepares your skin for the products you will apply on it. It can be used many times a week depending on the concentration of the acids and doesn’t damage the skin barrier causing further deep damages.
    Derms are against physical scrubs and all advice chemical ones.

    1. I have try skin and I have always loved hard scrubs – I used to love St Ives and Aapri apricot facial scrubs I have forced myself to stop using the harsher ones (I’ve never liked microbeads though) and now I use these once a week. I have had chemical exfoliation during facials and I try to use Eneomey products at night once or twice a week, but I am pretty bad at it!

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