Seletti Jobby the Cat lamp

I love Seletti lamps – particularly their animal ones. The original Seletti black sitting monkey lamp is my favourite:

On a walk the other day we saw this Seletti black and white cat lamp with little gold trouble puffs. It is so cute!

We have these cheapo ones on the way from Wish, but they won’t be nearly as nice! One thing I prefer though is that they are holding the bulbs. I find the shining eyes in the Seletti one a bit creepy!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I love cats and lamps so you managed to mix my two interests in one object! I wouldnt display that sort of lamps at home but i can easily get it why people would.
    I am not a fan of the Seletti lamp at all and I find it creepy and cheap looking. I much prefer the ones where the cats is holding the bulb. It is more original and I guess it must be more efficient as a lamp.

  2. I see “cat” in your subject/topic line, I click it – I’m easy like that! So I’m scrolling down and reading about Jobby and I see “gold trouble puffs”. I’m wondering what that is, scroll down to see the gold and then go “ohhhh sothatswhatgoldtroublepuffsare”. I tried googling to see the backstory behind the term and found nothing. Then I googled “trouble puff South African slang” – nothing. Nada. Zip. So please enlighten us as to the backstory/history of “trouble puff”.

    By the way, I think your lamps ordered from Wish are cuter/better-looking and look more expensive than the one from Seletti, so it’s a win-win IMO. As to the creepiness factor in Jobby’s eyes, I just think it’s like seeing an actual cat’s eyes in total darkness when you catch the light reflected in them.

      1. You cracked me up immensely when you said that female cats have a hatchery!!! I could see how that applies! I used to refer to a male cat’s area as “puffs” (because that’s what they looked like to me), so I guess that’s what gets them into trouble, hence “trouble puffs” hahaha!!

        Yeah, we cat people are funny (and fun too)!

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