Rizzo black leather bag with Gabriella by P bag strap

After my post about our trip to the archipelago, I received a few questions about my handbag.

I normally use bigger handbags, which can hold my planner. But since we have been on the motorbike so much, I have downsized as the saddle bags on the bike are not so big. Before the coronavirus hit I was out in the field all day with my computer, my planner, my papers, snacks etc, so I needed a big bag. Nowadays I do most of my teaching at home and if I do go out, it is on personal errands and I am not gone for long. So I have needed to carry less and less.

This bag is a simple black leather bag by Rizzo, with my Gabriella by P bag strap. It has two zippered section, a zip on the outside and a slip pocket on the inside. I can carry an umbrella, hand disinfectant, lip balm, glasses wipes, wet wipes, keys, telephone, tissues, aspirin and there is still space.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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