Fröken Söt’s gorgeous face masks

When I used to pass the tiny little shop, Fröken Söt (Miss Pretty) in Götgatan in Stockholm, I always used to stop and admire the cat purses and wonderful bright dresses. They were so fifties, so bright and cheerful. My husband and I go to many classic car rallies and I often used to see these dresses on women driving cars from the fifties. Sadly, my apple shape does not fit these dresses well because my bust is so big compared to my hips. But I have always adored them! Fröken söt also has bright jewellery, alice bands, and hair accessories.

Sadly, during the COVID-19 crisis, Jenny Ohlsson lost almost all her business. Previously the footfall around her shop was high and her irresistible wares brought passersby into her shop. Then…nothing. She went over to selling online but things were still awful. Then…

…she had the brainwave of making reusable masks out of the bright material she used for her dresses. Now her sales have shot through the roof. Maybe not to the level of what her summer trade usually is, but enough that she can carry on trading.

Sweden does not have rules about wearing masks unless you work in certain professions, and you very seldom see people wearing masks. However, it may become compulsory on public transport sooner or later, so I went past the other day and supported Jenny’s business by buying two masks. One cat one and one dinosaur one. They can be washed daily at high temperatures, and you insert a coffee filter into a pocket inside the mask. I think if masks become a long term thing I will definitely wear the single-use ones, but I will have these with me in case there is a shortage or I need one at the last minute. I found them very comfortable.

There is a double layer of fabric and a pocket for a filter or other mask, for extra protections.



Jenny ships internationally and you can order via her Facebook page. Her Instagram account is here

This is not an ad post. I am just a regular customer who wanted to support a small business during these times. Plus Jenny’s items are amazing!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Just a question, Janet. Why would you opt for single-use masks rather than reusable ones?
    As you must know it is compulsory to wear masks here in public places and it is getting compulsory in the streets too, and I have been wearing masks on a day my basis since June. I have used both disposable FFP2 masks and reusable masks with a MP2.5 filter and I much prefer reusable masks.
    Not only they look prettier (I have many Liberty London ones which are cute) but I also find them much comfortable. They have to be chosen carefully though as a vertical central seem is not advised, 100% cotton or pure silk, three layers and a pocket for a MP2.5 filter.

    1. You hardly ever see anyone in Sweden wearing masks, and it is almost certainly never going to be compulsory here. If we were to have to wear a mask it would be when travelling, going to other countries (when we are allowed to), or – perhaps in the future – on local public transport. So I figured I would wear the cloth one in cases where I could wash it daily, and single-use ones in cases where I can’t. Thank you for your information on the pocket and I am also now very keen to see the Liberty ones. I love Liberty prints!

  2. Was enjoying your article and scrolling down til the mannequin (with the giganto mouth) wearing the headpiece startled me. *SHUDDER* Reminded me of Laffing Sal, which is part of America’s history. Also, good choice on the kitty mask!

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