An interesting walk…

We were due to be in South Africa at the moment, but the flights were cancelled due to COVID-19. For the same reason, we are avoiding travel to see family elsewhere in Sweden. And not using public transport unless necessary. So here are some photographs from yesterday’s walk…

Spelling is not their strong suit

I was not sure whether to be insulted at the colour or not, particularly as they were marketed to women rather than people who like pink. Plus they were more expensive than the regular black ones!

We spent a rather long time browsing Stockholm’s Sway Gallery. I have been to Sway Gallery in London and there is also one in Paris. It is a family business, and the Stockholm branch was started by the son of the family, who came to Sweden to study. The online shop is pretty comprehensive as well.

The Japanese aesthetic always melds nicely with Scandi minimalism-with-purpose. I think that is why Muji and Uniqlo are so popular in Sweden.

Sway Gallery Stockholm has the most amazing utility pouches in several sizes and colours which would work fantastically for chargers, pens, journals, makeup etc. They also sell traveler’s notebooks, Midori notebooks, clips, brass accessories and covers, and several items sold on the Hobonichi site such as Carry-Tite pouches and clip rulers.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Please do not be insulted by the pink tools. When my son showed horses I was the mom who hauled the trailer and did most things involved as Dad had medical problems. My husband frequently did not put his tools away and would borrow from my kit in the horse trailer, and ‘forgetting’ to return them. I bought hot pink spray paint and painted all the handles. Suddenly my tools were where they belonged as he did not want to admit to having pink tools. It was very easy to get them returned when others borrowed them at horse shows. This was 20+ years ago. And by the way, I don’t like pink but it worked.

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