My new best friend!

I don’t know how good it is, how old it is or how big it is but I love it! PS excuse the catsand scattered on the floor. No matter what we do, they still manage to scatter some out whenever they use it. We sweep twice a day but it gets everywhere!

When I left home, I had an ancient Hoover twin-tub drier from the 1970s. It did the washing and spinnings parts by itself but you had to do all the filling, draining and moving from the washer to the spinner by hand. I am not sure if any of my readers has ever had one of these bad boys!

When that one kicked the bucket, I used to wash by hand. I would scrub my feet clearn, put all my washing into the bathtub once a week, and walk up and down on the washing while I read a book. It took forever to wash, rinse and dry.

After that I changed to handwashing all my underwear and taking the rest to a local laundry. I took my things in on Thursday and collected them on Friday – washed, ironed and folded. It was a family-owned company and they were wonderful.

When I moved to Sweden I learned to use the communal laundry rooms in the basements of apartment buildings. Some laundry rooms were huge and you booked a time (usually 3 hours) and had access to two washers, one or two driers, and a drying cupboard. It was good in a way because we didn’t have to maintain the machines. But there were often problems with people using the wrong machines, stealing times, not keeping to times etc, so it was always a terrible chore. Now only things we need to wash in the communal laundry rooms (of which we have three) are big things like sheets, duvets, carpets, curtains.

Having a machine in the bathroom is lovely – I can do a load when I have time and hang it up to air-dry. In fact, I prowl around most evenings trying to find something to wash. I then dry it on a clothes horse. When this one gives up the ghost we will probably get stackables or else a combination washer and drier.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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