Cats and lilies

I think most people know how poisonous oleander is, for example, but it always surprises me how few people know how deadly lilies are to cats only 27% according to the infographic below. So many people lose their pets each year because they do not know this.

I have often wondered why florists do not give information when you buy lilies, warning that you should keep them out of reach of cats and preferably not buy them at all for cat households. At the very least there should be a note about this toxicity included with the care instructions.

All parts of the lily plant is toxic to a cat, even a few tiny specks of pollen. If your cat has even been around a lily, take them to the vet immediately. If you buy flowers for a friend with animals, specify that to the florist so they know what to avoid. If they do not know what plants are toxic to pets, suggest they download the chart below.

I was delighted to see this printable poster from an Australian florist. Isn’t it great? It has a list of the other poisonous plants, and what to do if your cat is poisoned. Click here for the PDF  ——> Cats and Lilies


Author: Janet Carr

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